Economic Crisis Of Pakistan ( Will our Weapons Save Us? )

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Will our Weapons Save Us?

207 Pak Rupees= 100 Indian Rupees

171 Pak Rupees =100 Bangladeshi Taka

183 Pak Rupees= 100 Afghani

120 Pak Rupees= 100 Nepalese Rupee

-PayPal has declined to operate in Pakistan due to its bad reputation.

– 250 car dealing outlets have been closed down in Lahore while the future of 400 is in doldrums. – The Punjab Government is considering sending 50000 teachers on compulsory retirement above the age of 55 as the government does not have money to bill their salaries.

– 4.1 million additional Pakistanis have been pushed below the line of poverty.

– At least 1.1 million additional Pakistanis have been laid off.

– Govt increases public hospitals entry fee, starts charging for test from Rs:800 to Rs:8000 and stops providing free medicine to reduce expenditures on health sector.

– Current circular debt is Rs 1600 billion

– Losses in public-sector enterprises (PSEs) amount to Rs 1100 billion.

– Pakistan’s GDP growth is likely to be restricted to 2-2.5% per anum for next years.

– De-industrialization 

– No incentives for farmers and no security for sale of their crop.

– Current Govt borrowings are breaking all previous records with unprecedented strict conditions.

– A special committee formed by Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan to check the rupee devaluation, has been given the task to ascertain whether the provision of carrying $10,000 by anyone who travels abroad from Pakistan can be slashed down to $3,000 as proposed by the Exchange Commission of Pakistan (ECAP).

– The value of the US dollar against the rupee touched all-time high to approximately Rs 148 in the interbank market.

– Stocks endured another round of battering today as the KSE-100 index dived over 900 points in intra-day trading amid concerns over the macroeconomic indicators. Based on a basket of 13 currencies, the Pak rupee emerged as the worst performer in Asia so far.

– Pakistan’s per capita income in dollar terms has slashed down by 8.23 percent to $1,516 in the current fiscal year 2018-19 compared with the $1,652 in last financial year. The PTI’s economic team killed economic activity – and that is going to result in a historical tax shortfall of Rs 485 billion. Pakistan’s growth rate is set to hit an eight-year low, a government report predicted today, with all major indicators down.

Will our Weapons Save us?

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