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Following my penultimate step towards being a chartered accountant, I got inducted to A.F. Ferguson & Co. (a member firm of the PWC network) to shape my future career path. My nervousness faded away the moment I had my first contact with A.F. Ferguson & Co. The genuine approachability and friendliness of the people at PWC became its defining characteristic for a young and aspiring individual like me. Having had the privilege of interning at another member firm of the Big 4, I was initially reluctant towards joining A.F. Ferguson & Co. The thought of not being able to fit into a new environment and an odd “work-life balance” always haunted me. My experience was nevertheless a thoroughly pleasant one, contrary to the reservations I had earlier.

Fostering a friendly culture, A.F. Ferguson simultaneously works in a highly competitive, organized and an achievement-based environment. It would be an understatement to say that I am surrounded by the best and brightest in the field. The pool of highly talented colleagues has instilled in me the element of competition, motivating me to achieve great heights. While having a fast-paced work environment, Ferguson equally emphasizes towards trainee development including studies and personal growth.

Through my personal experience, I have noticed how the firm is an embodiment of its mission statement: “Building Relationships, Creating Value.” Having had a relentless journey at my previous firm, my start here at A.F. Ferguson & Co. has been an overwhelming one. Behind every prosperous and thriving organization is the element of teamwork. While focusing on a competitive team environment, I have noticed that A.F. Ferguson and Co. also emphasizes on a diverse mix of friendly and experienced teams, where everyone can fit in easily. During my first few months, I continuously learned and have had the opportunity to get exposure from working with high profile clients in the energy and banking sector.

A.F. Ferguson and Co. provides you with an environment that other firms in Pakistan do not offer. Other than having a systematic and competitive environment, Ferguson also prioritizes work-life balance. It believes that appropriate planning and executing tasks with proper responsibility results in having regular hours at work. In addition to this, my colleagues have been very supportive, constantly assisting me with all my queries, and encouraging me to think outside of the box. It is not just the associates that I get along well with, but also the endless support of my managers and directors has infused in me the urge to work harder. The firm has undoubtedly provided me with a productive and comfortable atmosphere, making me feel valued.

Despite the intensive workload, it is essential to maintain a balance between work and studies. Therefore, a priority for personal growth should be passing professional exams, be it tax, accounting or otherwise. While many other firms undermine the significance of carrying work life and studies hand in hand, A.F. Ferguson reshaped the entire experience for me. My fear of remaining inconsistent at studies subsided once I joined this firm, allowing me to maintain the right balance. The combination of in-house exam-training sessions and readily available resources are what enable PWC to stand out in the industry.

Having had a memorable ‘honeymoon’ period at the firm, I am hopeful that A.F. Ferguson would prove to be a great resume-booster and an experience worth shaping professional life. In all, my time at this firm has been worthwhile and fantastic, boosting my skill-set. It has provided me with an opportunity and ground to gain exposure and develop my network in the years to come.

Saad Masood

A.F. Ferguson and Co.

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