Educational Transmogrification Underway

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Education literally translated means the process of enlightenment or giving systematic instruction, primarily at a school or university. This remains to be the pedagogical meaning of education but for protean erudite the meaning has always been impressively multifaceted and oracular in the sense of true and thorough erudition. But if we unerringly delve into the rumination of exploring and dissecting the practical meaning then its exceedingly perspicuous; proper education makes nations and improper breaks and dilapidated nations. Education is a tantamount to social ethos, establishing social cohesion. Education is a watershed to economic per durability. Education provides a fecund pedestal for intellectuals to burgeon, education thus carves civilizations into nations and societies and hampers them from turning into faltering states, lugubriously like Pakistan. As the greats say that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. The interest generated is rejoiced by generations and generations either make it more sturdy or debilitate the existing contours. Synoptically, with reference to the tempestuous educational history of Pakistan ever since its dogged inception has been very arcane, myopic and grim in nature. The literacy statistics have been substandard and way below the international standards. However, sluggishly we have maintained and improved standards that have played a pygmy role in producing a handsome amount of sedulous intellectuals, somewhat preserving our intellectual say and stature in the modern world.
The gradual kaleidoscopic evolution of education in Pakistan over the years has triumphantly introduced a number of foreign run educational systems, confined to the opulent. Spinning the maudlin contour of this passage to a more reassuring and auspicious side the respective governments and renowned private schooling institutes for the last few decades have buoyantly introduced the international enlightenment facet of education called Cambridge International Education system operable under the aegis of the United Kingdom.This flourishing system offers an eclectic mix of subjects for mastery, shunting any obscurantism or blinkered shades from the curriculum, thus producing fine intellectuals and polymath, yet a dot in a million in a nation like Pakistan. Anyways, the modern concepts introduced to students through the caucus of CIE has promisingly turned out to be least infructuous and greatly auspicious. A vast number of students have won innumerable laurels by stupendously transgressing all intellectual standards and yardsticks and have managed to preserve the cerebral cachet of Pakistan time and again. The most equitable crux of this system is explained by the number of Pakistani students successfully making it to the most renowned and prestigious Universities across the globe i.e. UK, USA, Canada and Australia, manifestly shunting out the element of insularity and fanaticism from the minds of the people globally, hence putting forward a more propitious and heartening picture of the Pakistani society.
With reference to multiplicity of surveys made showing the highest percentage of leech, engineers and Lawyers etc with great pedantic skills being produced under the patronage of such a burgeoning system in Pakistan, blossoming in every nook and cranny across the world. Moreover, this system not only serves as an impeccable platform for academic growth but also emphasises on personal growth with great prowess in soft skills, social intercourse and magnanimity of heart at tolerating divergent opinions, cultures and traditions. As per the preceding sentence suggest, tolerance and rational complaisance is sine qua non to a pluralistic, liberal and prosperous Pakistan. All this has been made palatable and achievable under the auspices of the Cambridge International Education apparatus. As an admonishment to the government and populace of Pakistan, they must emulate this enriching facet of the western world and not just lambaste the western culture for moral degeneration based on cultural dissimilitude and nescience rather replicate the avaunt-grade inventions.
Conclusively, in the midst of a crumbling and faltering economy, political tempests and a dicey law and order situation this slowly prevailing system indubitably seems to be a sturdy ray of hope in the neglected education system of the Islamic Republic Of Pakistan.
 By Muhammad Rafeh Date Fruition: 1/9/19. 

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